Wood Work Patterns

Wood Work Pattern

Wooden foundry moulds and patterns are wooden tools, carved out or built up to create negative space, which in turn is used to make the inverse form or shape to be used for the casting of metal. To make a wooden mould, we stack the wood up, like a relief, or cut out, like a sunken relief, with handles or other pieces to grab and pick up the mould from the moulding material. Individual pattern pieces that get packed into the moulding material are carved and shaped. The space or forms that these pieces make in the moulding material will be the inverse of the final cast piece.A pattern is a model or the replica of the object (to be casted). It is embedded in molding sand and suitable ramming of molding sand around the pattern is made. The pattern is then withdrawn for generating cavity (known as mold) in molding sand. Thus it is a mould forming tool.

Cutting tools like Chisels, hammers, saws, drillers etc.. cutting tools used in pattern maker is the most important to gain the required shape we want and this plays a major role in pattern making.The education needed to be a Pattern Maker is normally a Bachelor's Degree. Pattern Makers usually study Graphic Design, Business or Fine Arts. 40% of Pattern Makers hold a Bachelor's Degree and 37% hold a Associate Degree.

My Pattern Making Tools

  1. Pattern Paper. Pattern making paper is used to draft patterns.
  2. Pattern Cardboard for Blocks.
  3. Pattern Notcher.
  4. Paper Scissors.
  5. Measuring Tape.
  6. Set Square.
  7. Half Scale Ruler.
  8. Grading Ruler.

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