Laser Cutting 

Here at GE Patterns we offer services such as laser cutting. 

What Is Laser Cutting 

Laser cutting is a longitudinal cutting process that makes it possible to cut metallic and non-metallic raw materials of different material thicknesses. This is based on a guided, shaped and bundled laser beam. When it hits the workpiece, the material is heated to the point where it melts or vaporizes.
Laser cutting is a manufacturing process that can eliminate the need for machining in many design jobs, saving you money on manufacturing costs. Laser cutting has some advantages over plasma cutting, as this process is more precise and uses less energy when cutting steel and aluminum sheets. Laser cutting involves using a focused beam of optical light to melt, burn, or vaporize materials. 

What are the Main Advantages of Laser Cutting?

  • Cuts non-ferrous material with ease.
  • Reliable and fast machinery for rapid turnaround.
  • Uses less energy when cutting – using nitrogen, oxygen, air.
  • Cuts through the thickest of metals – including mild steel.
  • Cut complex shapes with precise detail.

Some  Fun Facts About Laser Cutting

  1.  It's Been Around Over a Half-Century.
  2.  Some Laser Cutting Machines Can Perform Welding.
  3. Optical Lenses Focus the Laser to Just 0.001 Inches.
  4. It Requires a Substantial Amount of Power.
  5. Some Laser Cutting Processes Use Gas.