Products and Services For Mainily The Mining Indusrty:

Track pads

Track pads ensure a quieter and smoother ride and therefore enhance the operator's experience as well as reduce the chances of any mishaps. 


Sprockets are custom machined to fit mild steel hubs. Sprockets can be solid, split or bolted.


Gear Motions has the production capability, manufacturing equipment and experienced team to produce durable, heavy-duty gears that meet the needs of the industry.

Sheave Wheels 

A pulley wheel is a grooved wheel, often used to hold a belt, steel cable or rope, integrated with a pulley. The pulley rotates on a shaft or bearing within the pulley frame. This allows the cable or rope to move freely, minimizing friction and cable wear.


There are different types of pumps, these are : 


An impeller is a rotating component of a centrifugal pump that accelerates fluid outward from the center of rotation, thereby transferring energy from the motor that drives the pump to the fluid being pumped.[2] The speed achieved by the impeller is converted into pressure when the outward movement of the liquid is restricted by the pump casing. An impeller is typically a short cylinder with an open inlet (called an eye) to receive incoming fluid, vanes to push fluid radially, and a
splined or tapped bore to accommodate a drive shaft.

It may be more economical to cast an impeller and its screw as one piece rather than using them separately. This combination is sometimes referred to simply as a "rotor".