Manganese Steel Casting

High manganese, austenitic (non-magnetic), work hardening steel. It has very high strength, ductility, toughness and excellent wear resistance in the most punishing applications. In addition, this steel has a very low coefficient of friction which is very important to wear resistance – especially in steel to steel applications. This steel thrives on severe wear conditions. The more impact and hammering it receives, the harder the surface of the steel becomes. This characteristic is known work-hardening. The fact that the material remains ductile underneath, makes it a most effective steel in combating impact and abrasion. 

Our Wide Range of Manganese Steel Castings is tested over various parameters, thus assuring optimum porosity & grain structure. These Manganese Castings are customized as per the specifications of our clients and are demanded in various industries by keeping into consideration the International Standards.

Manganese is grey-white metal with a pinkish tinge, and a very brittle but hard metallic element. Manganese is a reactive element that easily combines with irons in water and air. It is a steel with a relatively large component about 10 -14% of manganese; highly resistant to wear and shock.

The original austenitic manganese steel, containing about 1.2% C and 12% Mn


Manganese steel is used in equipment for handling and processing earthen materials (such as rock crushers, grinding mills, dredge buckets, power shovel buckets and teeth, and pumps for handling gravel and rocks). Other applications include fragmentize hammers and grates for automobile recycling and military applications such as tank track pads.


Grades - We offer all grades of Stainless Steel Casting which offers better corrosion, wear and heat resisting.

Manufacturing Capacity - We can manufacture up to 700 kg's