Cast Iron Casting

Cast iron is a hard, brittle alloy of iron and carbon that can be readily cast in a mold and contains a higher proportion of carbon than steel does. It is firm and unchangeable.

We are leading manufacturer of Cast Iron Castings (Graded) & Alloy Cast Iron Castings which are available in both standard specifications and customized specifications, built as per the specifications given by the client. Latest design & fabrication techniques are used to manufacture our range of Cast Iron Castings to make these perfect for wide section of different applications.


Grades - We offer all grades of Stainless Steel Casting which offers better corrosion, wear and heat resisting.

Manufacturing Capacity - We can manufacture up to 700 kg's

Products - Pump Casing, Chain Wheels, Frames of Filling & Cantering Machines, Crank Gear, Separator Body Liner, Bull Gear, Winch Drums, Fly Wheels, Elevator Blocks, Impellers, Valves, Hallow Cylinder, Friction Brake Drums (duly pressure tested 1000 P.S.I.) Drive Plates and other various types of Cast Iron Castings (Graded) & Alloy Cast Iron Castings


Cost Effective - Grey Iron is the cheapest of the Iron range to manufacture.

Fluidity - Although this material has a low melting temperature it retains a high degree of fluidity in the molten condition. This allows complex Grey Iron casting shapes to be manufactured with thin wall sections.

Wear Properties - As a result of the material structure Grey Iron has excellent wear characteristics.

Machinability - Grey Iron is a superb material to machine. Although there are many forms of Grey Iron all will machine very easily. With the addition of various alloys the mechanical properties can be enhanced but the hardness figure on the highest grade will be below 275BHN.

Damping Properties - This material is the perfect choice for applications where damping properties is a priority.

Excellent Bearing Properties - The graphite within the structure of Grey Iron provides excellent lubrication properties.

Compressive Strength - Grey Iron has compressive strength comparable to low and medium alloy Carbon Steel.

Resistance to Deformation - Casting applications subject to deformation should be specified as Grey Iron.