Cast Iron Products: 

Cast iron, an iron alloy containing 2 to 4 percent carbon, as well as varying amounts of silicon and manganese, and trace amounts of impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus. It is made by reducing Iron Ore in a Blast Furnace.

We Offer Various Cast Iron Castings such as: 

Cast Iron Sprockets 

The tooth profile of a sprocket can be made simply by drawing a base circle along with a series of circles appropriately spaced for the chain in question. The pitch and diameter of the chain roller are measured.

Sprockets are also used on tracked vehicles such as tanks and farming machinery. They line up with the links of a track and pull them as it rotates, allowing the vehicle to move.

Cast Iron Bearing Houses 

Bearing housings support your bearings, protecting them from contamination but keeping them in the lubricant and can also house monitoring devices. Essentially, they provide customizable mounted bearing solutions and help maximize embedded bearing performance, life and cost-effective maintenance.

Cast iron is commonly used for mounted bearing units, desirable for its relative structural rigidity, strength under compression and corrosion resistance.