Build and Install Conveyors 

Here at GE Patterns we offer services such as building and installing conveyors that meet the necessary standards that are required when needing conveyors. 
A conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors are especially useful in applications involving the transport of heavy or bulky materials. A conveyor system is used in many industries as a standard piece of mechanical handling equipment to move goods, products, raw goods, and more. 
Conveyor belts consist of a rubber or plastic compound in combination with one or more layers of textile material or steel cables with different diameters. A conveyor belt can be made of polyvinyl chloride and fabric such as polyester or styrene butadiene rubber and multiple layers of polyester or nylon fabric.

Conveyor Installation

A conveyor system requires careful planning based on clearly defined parameters. These include the expected loads to be carried by the conveyor, the linear route, and the topography of that route. These facts enable the project planners to select the right type of transport system with the appropriate qualification. They are also an important part of project loss control as they allow engineering teams to properly prepare for the job while reducing plant downtime.

The success of any conveyor system depends on accurate planning based on a clear understanding of all project details and available technologies and products. Some of the first variables to define are the expected load specifications for the new conveyor. This includes cargo types, weights, and dimensions, whether special handling requirements are required, and what type of carrier is used. The exact alignment of the conveyor belt and its topography also play an important
role when choosing the type of conveyor belt, since some variants are not suitable for installations with sharp curves or steep slopes, for example. The routing also affects the driveability of the conveyor and other special requirements.