About Us

30 years ago Mr GE Robins started a small pattern shop in the garage of his home, this was a result of been away from home in his previous job. He qualified as patternmaker working at Auto patterns and was ambitious to provide well for his young family. The beginning with most start-up businesses was tough but with hard work and perseverance the small business started to grow from strength to strength.

He decided to move the premises to Boundary road and was also selling castings as a middle man. This small expansion allowed him over time to save money & he was not able to provide castings quicker enough to his customers. He made a decision to then take the big risk of opening up a foundry in our current premises in Sallies Brakpan. There has been a lot of trials and tribulations but the Foundry grew as result of hard work by the employees and management. In 2004 GE Robins son CL Robins started working there and after some years of experience started running the business. He is now part owner and has the same passion to provide for his family as his father did.

The road has been tough but with the well run family business there is trust and honesty and been well worth it, working together as we now provide a full range of services from patternmaking, castings to final machining. We provide a safe working environment to our employees so we can make sure our customers get what they want. We provide a friendly, honest approach to the business and help ensure our customers are satisfied.

We have the capacity to cast up to 60 tons per month, we have two induction furnaces with a casting capability of 1kg to 800kg in various different materials. All grades of cast iron, SG Iron, Chrome, Manganese, steel and stainless steel. We have supplied castings all over South Africa, Africa and Europe. We produce a good quality casting in spec and on time. Contact us for all your casting needs and we will gladly assist you.